<p>Oprah Hasn't Been To A Bank Since 1988... Because She's Oprah </p>


There are countless reasons why Oprah Winfrey is iconic. Let us count the ways: She has a successful talk show that last 25 years, founded her own entire television network, runs a respected magazine title and started a school in South Africa for young girls— and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Muva Oprah is amazing. And she’s been amazing for years, which is why it’s not surprising that the media mogul hasn’t been inside a bank since 1988.

On Monday, Oprah visited Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube series Show Me More Show where she played a game of “Burning Questions.”

During the segment DeGeneres asked what Oprah’s ATM pin number was to which she replied, “I don’t have one.” Adding, “I went to the bank recently, because I hadn’t been since 1988.”

When asked what she went to the bank for, the 63-year-old said to “deposit a million dollars…I stood in line…just to do it. It felt fantastic! Actually, it was two million.”

Naturally, Oprah probably has had a trusted assistant, friend or her partner, Stedman Graham doing bank runs. But nearly 30 years?! Insane. 

Oprah was on the daytime talk show to promote her newly launched health-conscious meal brand O, That’s Good. Created in collaboration with Kraft Heinz, the comfort food collection has garlic mashed potatoes, cheese pastas, parmesan pasta, soups and more.