Oprah Had Time For A Troll Who Came For Her On Instagram
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There are some truths in life that are not to be disputed. Like, what you’re not going to do is come for Oprah Winfrey. But one troll recently learned that the hard way. 

The media mogul took to Instagram to share a clip of her interview with stars Shonda Rhimes, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nina Shaw, America Ferrera, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, and Kathleen Kennedy on #TimesUp, but instead of scrolling pass, one troll decided to let Winfrey know that they weren’t a fan. 

“I don’t like you,” the troll commented on the post. Winfrey wrote back, “Then why are you here on this feed? Life is too short to follow and engage with people you don’t like. Peace out.”

In other words, mind your business. 

The #TimesUp movement has gained tons of steam in Hollywood are more and more victims are coming forward with their stories of sexual misconduct. 

The organization has created a $16 million fund to cover the legal fees of victims and a number of actors who have worked with Woody Allen — infamous for his alleged sexual misconduct — have donated their salaries to the fund.

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