Oprah is going big for the September issue of O, the Oprah Magazine and she’s on the cover rocking a 3.5-lb. wig she calls “Wild Thang.”

O creative director Adam Glassman described the actress’ look as a combination of Chaka Khan and Diana Ross.

Oprah was all for embracing her big look for the magazine’s cover but she also flaunts her natural untouched hair inside.

“No wig, weave, perm, braids, twists, extensions, curling iron, straightening comb, or blow-dryer. Au natural,” she wrote.

The media mogul says although she loved rocking the larger-than-life ‘do she’s not so worried about what her hair looks.

“As much as I enjoyed hanging out with Wild Thang,” Oprah said, “I know for sure that your true crowning glory comes not from what’s on your head but from what’s in your heart.”