Oprah: ‘I Cook for Stedman All The Time’
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Oprah Winfrey’s upcoming film The Hundred Foot Journey is a story about a restaurant rivalry, cultural divide, and tons of wonderful meals.

During a Facebook Q&A for the film—Oprah, who produced the film starring helen Mirren—shared some of her own cooking habits. “I cook for Stedman all the time,” she shared. “Stedman is a delight to cook for because it doesn’t matter what it is… he’s always excited.”

If you follow Winfrey on Instagram, it’s no secret that she loves to cook. She often posts photos of meals she’s made from the thriving produce in her garden.


When asked by a fan about her go-to dinner party meal Winfrey replied, “Hand-made tortellini stuffed with truffles and cheese with a little chopped basil on top.”

Sounds good to us.