Omarion and Girlfriend Have An At-Home Water Birth: Would You?

Omarion shared some surprising news about his newborn son’s birth while appearing on The Real Wednesday.

The singer and his girlfriend Apryl Jones already shared on Instagram that they opted for an unmedicated at-home water delivery, but while explaining the experience on the show Omarion added that Jones’ labor lasted for about 36 hours.

You read correct — a day and a half of labor with no medication.

If you’re thinking Jones deserves an award, Tamar Braxton is way ahead of you. The show’s co-host declared that diamonds or something of equal value were in order after going through a birth like that.

Megaa Omari Grandberry was born August 8, weighing 7 pounds. 4oz.

Would you ever consider an at home water birth? Share your thoughts in a comment and watch the full clip above.

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