Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 11, 2009

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Omari Hardwick looks smooth as silk in his three-piece suit.

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Omari Hardwick, 35, plays Ty Curtis on TNT’s cop drama “Dark Blue.”

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Hardwick attends Turner Broadcasting’s Television Critic’s Association’s Summer 2009 presentation at the Langham Hotel in Los Angeles.

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Hardwick, a high school football star, didn’t begin acting until his junior year at the University of Georgia.

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The Savannah, Georgia, native admits he struggled for the first five years in his acting career. “I was homeless for about four and half months, living in my car,” Hardwick admits.

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At 36, Hardwick has banked impressive screen credits from “Gridiron Gang” to “The Guardian” opposite The Rock and Kevin Costner, respectively.

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Hardwick says he looks to his lawyer father as an example of balancing his personal life and career. “My dad always made time to come to our games.”

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Hardwick admits that, outside of his character as a Black man in America, he’s been on the other side of the law where he was pulled over by Vancouver police eight times in eight months while working on a show.

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Hardwick’s versatility is quickly making him a Hollywood fave.

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That stare! While we are very impressed by this actor’s talent, we can’t help being overwhelmed by his looks.

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This eye candy started in theater playing the role that Denzel Washington won a Tony for this year.

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Omari Hardwick

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Omari Hardwick