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Octavia Spencer: 'I Will Feel Very Sexy' This Awards Season

This awards season the plus-sized actress says she will feel "sexy" with her curves.
Though she calls herself a “rank and file actress,” “The Help” star Octavia Spencer is basking in the current spotlight.

Up for both Golden Globe and SAG award nominations for Best Supporting Actress, and, like co-star Viola Davis, a front-runner for an Oscar nomination, Spencer is finally getting her just due, which means lots of red carpet moments.

So what will the plus-size beauty be wearing this awards season?

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Tight-lipped about what designers she’ll be wearing, Spencer shares that whatever she picks, it will have to be comfortable and fabulous.

“I can tell you I will very comfortable and I will feel very sexy with my body type,” she tells ESSENCE.com. “I always try to be comfortable in my body and dress for me. So if people don’t like it they can write about it, cry about it, but I’m gonna work it.”

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Despite being a favorite for the Best Supporting Actress nomination, Spencer says won’t be watching when the Oscar nominations are announced on January 24. Instead she hopes to catch up on her rest.

“I hope I will be sleeping, but experiencing the last three nomination days, I know I won’t be getting much sleep,” she jokes. “I do know I won’t be tuning in. I know if I get a call it’s good news and if my phone doesn’t ring, it’s no news.”

Let’s hope she gets that phone call.