Nipsey Hussle’s Family Refuses Proposals For Public Birthday Celebrations
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Nipsey Hussle’s family has declined suggestions for a public commemoration to celebrate the rapper’s upcoming birthday, citing the fact that they are still in mourning.

Hussle’s family will instead meet on Aug.15 to commemorate his 34th birthday in private. August 31 will mark five months since his death.

According to TMZ, despite fan requests, the city of Los Angeles decided to skip a city-wide celebration. However, the LAPD will be preparing for more fans to appear at Hussle’s Marathon Clothing store on the day of.

Hussle was killed on March 31st outside of his Los Angeles clothing store, The Marathon. Hundreds immediately gathered outside of the store to pay their respects to the slain rapper, while family, celebrity friends and fans all took to social media to remember Hussle.

Several artists also recorded music with the beloved entertainer prior to his death, with the most recent posthumous release being a song on Rick Ross’ latest album, Port of Miami 2.

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