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So Syndey, real quick, I think we need to talk about this drama between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. It's too much, it's like. Is It? [MUSIC] Real quick, just where I start it. So, on Saturday Remy Ma drop a seven minute distract, call cheater direct to Nicki Minaj. It is what it, this was like Really, ma, if you're watching this, okay. If I decide to go back to school, please write my thesis. There's like so much research in this. She gave you all of the bullet points. She gave you a main topic. She gave you a bibliography page. We're excited. It was perfection. Chef's kiss. And all of this started because Nicki Minaj sort of like low key shaded Remi Ma on her track with Gucci Made. See my problem with Nicki is this track was released on Saturday afternoon And here we are, still waiting for Niki's response. Girl, it's been to long.>> When Niki responds to things it's usually attached to a project or it's usually attached to something else. So she's probably waiting.>> But does this grand plan include ghost writers. Can Nicki Minaj deliver this solo-dolo, I don't think so. Okay, but Nicki can deliver hits. [BLANK_AUDIO] [UNKNOWN] and they all doing to a [BLEEP] Stuff together. [LAUGH] But that's not never been like the goal for Nicki Minaj, I mean she's gonna go to her grave loaded, so who cares. But like I'm here, cause I wanna hear you spit some So don't take all day, I don't need air horns in the background, I don't need those, I need you to just deliver a solid good. I don't think they're air horns. I don't think they're air horns, we don't use that. Of course you do. Why are you like this? So in conclusion. Remy is still the queen. Okay, anyway. At the end of the day, we just want these two ladies to keep doing what they're doing, making the best music possible and giving us the drama that we need I don't need meat but I like beef. Okay. Zing. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Get her outta here, get her out, get her out.

Just when we thought the dust had settled on the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma feud, here comes along some more drama.

If you’ll venture down memory lane with us to the sixth season of Love & Hip Hop: New York, we saw an old friendship between Remy Ma and Rashidah Ali revived after Remy returned home from prison. The pair had their ups and down —predicated on Remy’s growing friendship with Rah’s enemy, Yandy Smith— but they appeared to work things out by the season finale.

Well, it appears that Remy and Rah never went back to normal after the season ended, and subsequently haven’t talked in years. Fast forward to this week when Ali was spotted on Nicki Minaj’s Instagram page.

“S/O to my good good sis @rah_ali for launching her brand new company,” the rapper says. “@the_stiletto_group like a BOSS  @candiworld bad btchs link up,” shouting out Rah’s new shoe consulting business.

Shade? Probably.

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In response to the post, fans of all three ladies had opinions on what was seen as a slight to Remy, because of her contentious relationship with Nicki.




In response to the chatter, Rah wrote a four paragraph letter explaining the photo and her relationship with both women.

“It’s important for people to know that the deterioration of my friendship with Remy Ma took place during season 6 of Love and Hip Hop. I want people to know that what they watched unfold was in no way staged or scripted and that I truly felt betrayed by Remy at the time,” she says about her falling out with the “ShEther” rapper.

“With that being said, I am not working with Nicki out of spite or payback. Nicki and I were friendly long before the rap beef unfolded with Remy.”

Adding, “I consider myself to be a great person who possesses a rare trait of loyalty.”

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