Nicki Minaj has a unique relationship with her fans that sees her personally engaging with them regularly on social media. During frequent exchanges with “The Barbz”, she does everything from give them updates on new projects, to answer their burning questions about her life, to joke with them about their often-hilarious reactions to her latest posts. Since the beginning of her career, the chart-topping entertainer has used her special connection with the young adults in her fanbase to encourage them to stand up for themselves in the face of bullies, pursue their dreams and value education. Taking her push for education a step further, Nicki shocked the social media world in early 2017 when she spontaneously began responding to dozens of fans on Twitter who asked for help with their college expenses. The unexpected wave of generosity led to the official establishment of Nicki’s #StudentOfTheGame initiative in early 2018, which allows fans the chance to have a wide variety of college expenses—including tuition, books, room and board and more— paid for by the rap queen herself. To get on Nicki’s radar, a current, future, or recently-graduated college student can simply share their need, including the specific dollar amount of the expense(s), on social media using the #StudentofTheGame hashtag. Nicki and her team will then search the hashtag to choose an unidentified number of winners, whom she will message privately to share the news, and sometimes even announce it publicly via her Twitter account.   To date, thousands of young people have entered the contest, with several even sharing the exciting news that they’d been selected as winners. According to a recent update from Nicki on social media, the latest round of #StudentOfTheGame winners are slated to be announced on June 11. Good luck to all those entering and salute to Nicki for wanting to help her fans achieve their educational dreams! TOPICS: