’s “New and Next” column spotlights the brightest new talents we think you should know. This week we meet singer, songwriter and DJ MAAD Moiselle, an eclectic soul with an affinity for disco funk, shiny suits and a groovy beat. Her new single, “Sweet & Low,” is out now.  

You’re heavily influenced by disco funk, and you can hears it in your first single, “Sweet & Low.” Explain your affinity for the 70s.
Well…that’s mainly what my mother would play around the house. I would listen to a lot of Chic, a lot of Luther Vandross… he’s not exactly disco funk but that’s just some of the artists we would listen to. Donna Summers, Tina Turner—I was influenced by my childhood. My mother grew up in the whole Studio 54 era so it kind of rubbed off on me and it’s just something I’ve always been into.

What’s the concept behind “Sweet & Low”?
The upcoming project I’m working on is based around funky music and rhythmic pop R&B. It’s very groovy. I tapped into the 70’s. I’m very obsessed with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and I just wanted to have music that felt like something.

What really got your creative juices flowing to write these lyrics?
We were in the studio and I think we just originally heard the track and we just started writing lyrics to it. We started thinking about sweet shops and candy and things of that nature and kind of ran with it. At one point we were talking about glitter falling from the ceiling. 

You’ve appeared in Power and worked alongside Drake. You’re doing a whole lot.
Yea it’s tiring, but it’s very rewarding. There can be days where I’m like, ‘I’m so tired’ but um, I love everything that I do. I’m actually flying out tomorrow for Dallas because I have a Pop Sugar gig that I’m djing.

MAAD Moiselle is definitely a unique name.
Well, my mother used to actually call me madamemoiselle as a joke when I was younger like, ‘Madamemoiselle, your dinner is ready.’ She would be very funny with it and it kind of stuck. The way that I spelled it just a play on words. Anytime someone meets me, I’m always like ‘Hi I’m MAAD Moiselle’ and they’re like, ‘well what are you mad about?’ And I’m like, ‘well I’m not really upset.’ I’m never really upset. I’m generally pretty happy so….

‘MAAD’ meaning crazy?
Not crazy but like, just mad about certain things. Like you know when you’re really obsessed about stuff like, you love these things—that kinda thing.

So what would you be obsessed about in this situation?
Fashion, music, culture. Parisian culture on top of that. I really love Paris.

Take a listen to “Sweet & Low” below.

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