NeNe Leakes Really Wants To Hook Cynthia Bailey Up With A New Man (and She Knows Exactly What Type)
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When NeNe Leakes isn’t throwing epic shade, or giving The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers iconic one-liners to live by, the reality star has a secret hobby she thinks she’s pretty good at.

“I think I’m a matchmaker,” she confessed to ESSENCE. “I really do think I’m a matchmaker! I think I’m very good at matching my friends up who are single. Like, I know the guy they should be dating.”

With her newfound passion for helping her single friends mingle, Leakes, 50,  said there’s one Housewives castmate in particular that she can’t wait to lend a helping hand. “I’m trying to hook Cynthia [Bailey] up right now,” she said. Since Bailey joined the cast in the third season, the model married and divorced her ex-husband Peter Thomas with cameras rolling and dabbled in dating again. But Leakes said her longtime friend and castmate might just be looking for love in all of the wrong places. 

“Well, I think that Cynthia, she likes the exterior of a man,” she told us. “She likes men who are tall, dark, and she likes an accent. Trust me, she loves it. She loves when they [pronounce her name] ‘Cyn-tee-a,’ That’s the first thing because I think that’s what she’s most attracted to on the outside, but she’s got to start looking on the inside, too. When you just look at your list from the outside, like, ‘Oh, he needs to [have a] bald-head with a six-pack’, now, see, that’s where you’re messing up.”

Leakes knows Bailey well and really thinks she has a handle on the type of man that would make the model happy. “I think that for Cynthia, she needs a man who has his own life, his own money, his own job, his own career. Everything of his own,” she added.

But even if Leakes is successful in finding Bailey the perfect guy, she doesn’t expect to attend a wedding any time soon.

“I wouldn’t be sure Cynthia would ever marry again,” Leakes added. “She’s not hooked on marriage. That’s not her thing. She just wants a life partner.”

Only time will tell if NeNe’s matchmaking advice works, but we’re definitely rooting for Bailey to find love again.