A national poll of 750 African-Americans by the Washington, D.C.-based Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies indicates that more than half of the participants believe that global warming is a major problem associated with climate change. The key difference in this year’s survey is that we believe as individuals we can all do our part to reduce it. The study also shows that Blacks are more supportive of green jobs, incentives to buy more energy efficient cars and improve energy efficiency in their homes than people may have assumed.

Survey results also indicate that the majority of African-Americans recycle, purchase energy saving products, are environmentally conscious, believe climate change is damaging to our public health and that the environment will eventually be worse for future generations to come.

“While African-Americans are underrepresented in the public debates on climate change and environmental issues generally, they are as aware of these issues as other groups in American society, and committed to action–both personal and governmental–to deal with the problems associated with climate change,” said Ralph B. Everett, president and CEO of the Joint Center.–WLW

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