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Naomi Campbell Stars In New Givenchy Ad Continuing Her Reign As An Iconic Supermodel

Givenchy debuted the hot new campaign featuring model Justin Levy on Instagram.

Naomi Campbell isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!

The flawless 46-year-old supermodel is the face of Givenchy’s new jean campaign and it’s hot!

Perched topless on the shoulders of male model Justin Levy, Campbell shows us once again why she’s one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling industry.

After releasing the news that Naomi Campbell was the face of the new ad, Givenchy posted a super cool video of Justin and Naomi as they saunter around in some admittedly hot jeans.

The fierce black and white ad is definitely motivation to hit the gym and find that perfect pair of jeans.

Work, Naomi!