Actress Maia Campbell, whose budding career came to an abrupt end due to drug abuse in the ’90s, made headlines last week when she announced she would appear on this Sunday’s episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life. Today, there’s a sneak peek out and it shows the actress confronting her addiction issues head on—specifically related to the death of her mother, famed author BeBe Moore Campbell.

When the In the House actress’ mother was dying, Campbell says she wasn’t allowed to visit. “[My family] thought I would cause problems. They wouldn’t let me talk to her on the phone.” Vanzant responded, “Maia, you were high. Until you can say to me, ‘I did drugs. I ran the streets. I threw my dreams away,’ It will always be about them and you will always be powerless. You gotta own your stuff.”

Will you tune in for this Sunday’s episode?