Must-See: Watch Brandy's New Video 'Put It Down' ft. Chris Brown

Check out the veteran R&B singer as she dances up a storm in her latest video.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 15, 2012

Vibrant, flavorful and catchy are all things that describe Brandy’s newest Hype Williams directed video, “Put It Down” ft. Chris Brown. The song, the lead single from her forthcoming studio album 2/11, showing Brandy doing what she does best — performing. From the various outfit changes, dance routines and hairdos (including her famous box braids), this clips proves she’s back and in a major way!

“It’s been great working with choreographer Frank Gaston and his team,” Brandy tells “I’ve been stepping my game up. I really want to be a great entertainer one day. To get over my stage fright and to make the stage my second home and be comfortable there it’s been a challenge. I’m just trying to do something different, actually do what I started doing when I first came into the business. I was dancing in the middle of Times Square. I wanted to discover what that was like again and do choreography that fits my body.”

2/11 is set to hit stores this October.

See Brandy dance up a storm in the above video and tell us if you’re jamming it.