Days after a young Black student at Spring Valley High was assaulted by a police officer while sitting in a classroom, the local Richmond County school board convened to discuss the action and reaction of parents and those in the community. 

In a clip, as seen on Clutch Magazine, an unidentified man, expressed his disdain in the districts response to the officer’s actions. 

“We are sick and tired of Black women being abused and you can say it’s not racism all you want to but this is going on all across this country everyday,” he said. 

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The three-minute video includes the man poignantly stating that as a father, the actions of the officer would have garnered a much different response from him had the victim been his own child. 

“I’m not a violent crazy man, I don’t have a record, but I will not tolerate this kind of insanity coming from no man touching a child in that manner.”

An unidentifiable voice, presumably a member of the school board interrupts the man to say that threats will not be tolerated, to which the man has a logical response. 

“That is not a threat, I’m asking you a question,” he said. “I’m asking, do you want more men who have this kind of feeling built up in them like this for treating our children like that? If you want that, you’re gonna get that and it’s up to you to stop it.” 

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