Now more than ever, Laila Ali understands the importance of keeping America’s air clean. The boxing champion joins forces with Julianne Moore, Jessica Capshaw, Christina Applegate and former Saturday Night Live star Maya Rudolph in calling on mothers around the nation in support of clean air standards and practices.

Ali, a mother of two, says her life changed when her children were born. “I speak out on air pollution because I feel like there are so many kids right now that are affected and it is really sad,” said Ali. “You usually go to the schools now and so many kids in the classroom have asthma — way more than when I was a child. Air pollution is the chief culprit of childhood asthma. And it affects 10 percent of all children and 22% of African American children.”

Studies show that almost two-thirds of children suffering from asthma live where at least one federal air-quality standard is not being met. In addition, nitrogen dioxide, a common element in car emissions, is the number one cause of asthma.

So, what will you do about the air quality in your own neighborhood? Join the fight today, click here for more information at the Moms Clean Air Force.

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