Must See: Kevin Hart Shares Heartwarming Story About Mom with Oprah

Kevin Hart is known for telling a good story. The comedian sat down with Oprah for a Prime episode that aired Sunday, March 23. He talked about everything from connecting with fans, to his recent success and even opened up about a clever move that his mother pulled on him when he was still a struggling comedian. 

Hart explains that when he told his mother about his aspirations of being a comedian she responded, “I’m not a dream killer” and offered to support him. She told him that she would pay his rent for one year while he proved that he could make it.

Hart says that although he was making relationships and loving standup comedy, he was low on money and was behind on his rent. He told Oprah, “I haven’t paid my rent in like a month. ‘I’m like Mom, the rent. Where’s the rent at?'” To which she replied, “Have you been reading your Bible?”

The star went another month before he finally got an eviction notice. In a panic, he confronted his mother again, and she had a similar response, “Talk to me when you read your Bible.”  When the star finally opened his Bible in frustration, to his (and Oprah’s) surprise, out fell six months worth of rent checks. “She put all my rent checks in the Bible…they were all there,” said Hart. 

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