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Must-See: How Prison Time Changed T.I.

"When I was federally indicted by the ATF on weapons charges, that was an a-ha! moment for me," T.I. said.
Must-See: How Prison Time Changed T.I.
Donald Bowers/Getty Images

Not only does T.I. learn from his mistakes, but he teaches his kids to learn from them as well.

On Oprah’s Where Are They Now?, Grammy Award-winning rapper T.I.—born Clifford Harris Jr.—shares how his past impacts his children’s future.

“We don’t shy away from controversial subjects here in this house,” he says. “If there’s a part of my life that, you know, I guess that I have learned a lesson from, but I am not allowing them to learn the same lesson from it, I think that’s doing the child a disservice.”

T.I. went on to share a valuable lesson he learned in 2007, when he was arrested for trying to buy machine guns illegally. T.I. was sentenced to one year in prison, a time that he called his “A-ha!” moment.

“It put things in perspective. When I had already seen the error of my ways…that was when I was the most positive, that was my growth spurt,” he said

Check out our clip from the upcoming episode and tune in for the full episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now? on Sunday Nov. 23.