Must-See: Dwayne Johnson and His New Puppies Are The Cutest Thing Ever

When hot guys and cute puppies collide, no woman’s heart rate is safe.

Such was the case on Sunday when Ballers star Dwayne Johnson treated his fans to not one, but two, hilarious videos of him attempting to walk his lazy, new French bulldog puppies, Brutus and Hobbs.

Neither one of the adorable fur balls wanted to walk and Johnson caught them on camera dragging their feet.

“Clearly Brutus doesn’t understand I’m busier than the President, and time has become my most valuable currency,” Johnson captioned the photo.
We’re not sure what’s cuter: Watching one of the world’s biggest action stars try to motivate a tiny dog to move or Brutus and Hobbs’ faces as he does.

Watch and it will make your day.


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