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Must-See: CNN's 'Obama Revealed' Documentary

The CNN special report examines the pros and cons of Obama's presidency.

CNN’s upcoming special report Obama Revealed: The Man, The President examines the pros and cons of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The one-hour special airing on Labor Day features interviews with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emnauel, Valerie Jarrett and former personal aide Reggie Love, who all offer deeper insight into what motivates the president.

A former Duke University basketball player, Love compares President Obama’s leadership style to his passion on the court.

“He’s a competitor,” says Love. “When you compete… you can’t spend all your time sort of being overly emotional. “I think it looks like he’s really, really calm all the time and nothing gets under his skin, but I think from an efficiency standpoint, you know, you can cry about the call or you can look to the next play.”

President Obama also opens up to White House correspondent Jessica Yellin about a wide range of subjects, including what happened to his goals for “hope and change” once he arrived in Washington. The documentary doesn’t only stick to the President’s inner circle. Republican Senator Olympia Snowe and House Speaker John Boehner also offer their perspectives of their president.

Catch Obama Revealed: The Man, The President on Monday, September 3 at 8 p.m.