The 12 Most Moving Quotes From Black Women In 2016

"When they go low, we go high." Wisdom to live by from inspiring Black women like FLOTUS and Beyoncé changed the game in 2016, so it's only right that we let their words guide us into the New Year.

Lauren Porter Dec, 08, 2016

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“Black Girl Magic is a rallying call of recognition. Embedded in the everyday is a magnificence that is so easy to miss because we’re so mired in the struggle and what society says we are.” - Ava Duvernay

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“You have the power to change perception, to inspire and empower, and to show people how to embrace their complications, and see the flaws, and the true beauty and strength that’s inside all of us.” — Beyoncé

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“The magic is to surrender to God’s dream for you. Quit fighting and pushing against and disallowing against and stop trying to tell the Creator what you’re supposed to do. Get still and know that His dream is for you.” — Oprah Winfrey

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“You can’t focus on the bad thing, you have to focus on getting through it.” - Ciara

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"I think I can inspire a lot of young women to be themselves and that is half the battle. Just be yourself, it's the easiest thing to be. Black girls, we just on another level." - Rihanna

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“I have come to understand and listen to the fear.” - Tracee Ellis Ross

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"Hard days are the best because that's when champions are made.” - Gabby Douglas

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“Being a woman of curves, I really find that it’s very important to talk about loving your body where you are." - Danielle Brooks

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“We need you to roll up your sleeves. We need to get to work. Because remember this: When they go low, we go high.” — First Lady Michelle Obama

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“It means a lot, especially with what is going on in the world today, some of the issues of police brutality. This win hopefully brings hope and change to some of the issues that are going on. My color just comes with the territory.” - Olympian Simone Manuel

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"Being a part of this reemergence of a movement both pro-diversity and pro-woman is the best part of being a Black girl. It's more than, "I stand for this because I should." I stand for this because this is part of who I am as a human being." - Yara Shahidi

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