Many people have a special name for their private parts, but not many reveal it on television.

Monica stopped by The Real to discuss some important girl chat topics, including whether or not she’d be down to chill in a pool full of wine. For Monica, it was a hard no. 

“Listen, I’m not doing that. I am not putting ‘Patricia’…” the singer said, before pausing to look and nod at each co-host’s lap.

“No, you gotta keep “Patricia” in good condition. I’m not sitting her in no pool of alcohol,” she said, “My husband says I don’t care how sexy you think it is, I’m thinking of the aftermath. And, if I don’t keep nothing else super clean, Patricia is spotless and prepared for only interaction with him in very clean places. I am not sitting Patricia in no wine. What does that do after?”

While we agree maybe you should be careful about where you put ”Patricia,” a relaxing dip in a pool of wine doesn’t sound too bad. Sign us up!