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The year 2021 is ending with an Omarion-sized bang so we’re looking to the past for some sugar and spice.

Despite what mainstream media may show of Black life, we don’t just exist to resist and persist. We smile, we cuddle, we laugh, we love, we care and we have done so since the beginning of time.

Spend time with some of your favorite faces from Broadway, the big screen, basketball courts, and record shelves as they share a canoodle and a kiki with their friends, family, and fellow glitterarti in these fun throwback snapshots caught over the decades. Catfights might get more clicks but even divas form bonds and have fun with their fellow friends in the spotlight.

See an actor and activist kick off his career with a co-worker in the sound booth. Watch a beauty-queen-turned-Broadway-baby nestle into mommy mode. See two superstars come together at an iconic New York landmark. Follow a transformational talent as he kicks it with an R&B legend. Witness a ‘90s dream girl before she snagged an Oscar as she shares a moment with a certified musical genius. Watch a popping “pusher man” teach us how to pull up in style. Look at a television mother and son duo as they “D up” on the court, and a real mother and son prep for a huge occasion.

Relive some enchanting moments by checking out 19 moments of Black joy below.


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