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Miss USA Deshauna Barber Trades In Her Ball Gown for Army Fatigues

The DC native pulls off Army fatigues with as much grace as she does a ball gown.
Miss USA Deshauna Barber Trades In Her Ball Gown for Army Fatigues
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Deshauna Barber might be Miss USA, but the DC native isn’t letting the crown go to her head. The Army Reservist-cum-model got back into fatigues for training this weekend.
“As an Army Reservist, I am required train with my unit 2 days a month and I am so happy to still do that as your #MissUSA,” she posted on Instagram. Barber has been sharing her experiences on the official Miss USA Instagram, showing fans that she hasn’t given up her duty to her country. She does maintenance and service checks on Humvees, shows off her fatigues, and on her personal account, shares her morning motivation. “When Duty Calls,” she captioned one photo. It’s inspiring to see Barber, a Virginia State and University of Maryland University College alum, balancing both her Army Reserve duties and her duties to Miss USA. It just goes to show that for women and girls across the country, beauty and strength often goes hand in hand.

Back to Miss USA duties ✌ Lieutenant Barber will be back in 30 days. -Deshauna

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