Michelle Obama makes being First Lady of the United States seem so easy, traveling around the country to promote healthy lifestyles, speaking about her successful parenting methods and loving relationship with her husband and still finding time to maintain those buff arms that everybody’s always talking about. In a recent interview for “A Barbara Walters Special: A Thanksgiving Visit with the President and Mrs. Obama,” our First Lady talked about her husband’s political career and her famous physique. “No I will never get sick of people talking about my toned arms,” Mrs. Obama said. “If it’s a positive compliment, I am a woman, just, like, bring it on. I’m, I’m cool with it. But no, I, you know, I still wear what I like and enjoy.” The First Couple engaged in a little husband and wife banter about Michelle’s wardrobe, noting that the President notices what she wears. Walters asked Mrs. Obama about her feelings about her husband running for another term. “I think it’s important for him to finish what he started,” she replied. “…If I had to pick the man that I’d want to be in politics, the kind of person that we seek out in this country, somebody who’s honest and sincere and smart as a whip, he would be the person that I would pick and that’s always been why I’ve followed him into these escapades because I would feel guilty to think it’s because of me that somebody like him didn’t do what this country needed and I still feel that way and I’ll feel that way until the job is done, but that’s up to the American people.”