Michelle Obama Is Loving This Fierce Music Video of 'Young Queens' Rapping About Higher Education

Tierney McAfee Oct, 27, 2017

Looks like Michelle Obama just found her new favorite girl group.

The former first lady took to Instagram on Thursday to sing the praises of a group of young, female students who produced and starred in a music video in which they rap about higher education and their own bright futures.

Obama commented on the video, which was posted on the Instagram account of blackgirlsrock, a nonprofit mentoring organization dedicated to “empowering Black girls to lead, innovate, and serve.”

“Young Queens – Stay focused. Stay motivated. Never quit. I’m with you, and couldn’t be prouder,” Obama wrote, signing off as “Mo” and adding a high five emoji.

The girls are students at Milwaukee College Prep school, and made the video with the help of teacher Terrance Sims.

The girls gave Obama a shout-out in their video, rapping: “Michelle Obama showed me how to do it, so I’m gonna get it — educated, motivated, melanated, elevated. I got big shoes to fill, so I’ll do it with class.”