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Michelle Obama Encourages Young People to Travel

Mrs. Obama answers questions from Beijing, China about the importance of traveling. 
Michelle Obama Encourages Young People to Travel
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The First Lady sat down for a CNN iReport interview to promote travel amongst young people. She took questions from viewers about traveling abroad.

When asked what her first passport stamp was, Mrs. Obama revealed that it was from her first trip abroad to Paris, France. She elaborated, saying her sophomore class had the chance to spend a week in France, but she was afraid to ask her father to fund the trip, feeling like it was an extravagance.

She says that when she finally got the courage to ask, he didn’t blink an eye. “He wanted me to have all of the experiences that he didn’t have.”

Mrs. Obama went on to encourage young adults to seize the opportunity to travel, saying that it is a priority of hers to expose her daughters to the world. “We want this not just for our girls but we want that for you guys, too.” she said. “And when you find the opportunity, take it, okay? That’s going to make you just, better people, smarter people, and it’s a lot of fun too.”

Watch what else Mrs. Obama had to say about the importance of traveling abroad: