Michelle Obama’s new White House garden book, American Grown, may be about healthy lifestyle, but the design of the book was inspired by her daughters, Malia and Sasha.

According to iVillage, Mrs. Obama confessed that her daughters made for a good focus group when it came to developing the book. “Because we have a lot of coffee table books and… they can’t watch a lot of TV, so if we have downtime and we’re sitting in a spot where there are books, Malia – they love to go through these. And it’s usually pictures that draw them in.”

The First Lady just knew she had a great book on her hands when her children picked it up. “You saw Malia sort of going, ‘Oh, this is nice, mom, it’s a good book,”’ said Mrs. Obama. “And then ten minutes later, she still had it, and she was still thumbing through it, and then she started reading it.”

American Grown follows the crazy success of her national “Let’s Move” campaign. In the book, Mrs. Obama makes the connection between good quality food and the health of their children. “It is definitely a passion,” said Mrs. Obama. “Getting our kids in this country eating healthy, helping families make good choices about how they eat and stay active – and this book is a way to talk about our journey but also talk about the challenges that we face as a nation around health.”

Will you be picking up a copy of American Grown this summer?


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