2011 ESSENCE Summer Interns

Meet the 2011 ESSENCE Summer Interns

If ESSENCE is your favorite dessert, we have the recipe. Get a taste of all that is FIERCE, FUN, AND FABULOUS! Meet the ESSENCE interns who stretched from the trenches of the fashion closet to the wheeling and dealing of the business and marketing divisions this summer. Learn how we spent our summer training to become the next generation!

Janine Rayford, News and Production Intern

ESSENCE magazine hits newsstands once a month, but gathering the news that goes into it is a non-stop job. Working with News Editor, Wendy L. Wilson, I did everything from scouring newspapers to participating in White House conference calls – helping to keep a finger on the pulse of the issues affecting Black America. What stories are in? What needs to be edited? When do we go to print? These are a few of the questions I learned working with Deputy Managing Editor Denolyn Carroll. She taught me a valuable lesson on the logistics of how this beautiful magazine comes together every month.

Alanah Joseph, PR intern

On my second day of my internship, I was asked to attend the 17th annual ESSENCE Music Festival in New Orleans! From then on, I lived and breathed the Festival helping the PR department plan the event. Although Starbucks runs were a part of my responsibilities, I also escorted photographers from the largest media outlets to various points throughout the Superdome. The bonus—I got to listen to today’s best artists up close and personal. There I was, 20 years old with complete access to the country’s largest African-American music festival. Now having had this experience, I feel like I can continue on to become one of the best publicists, as well as an intelligent, successful and beautiful ESSENCE woman.

Ashley Calloway, Work and Wealth Intern

An editor once told me during an interview, every assignment that you receive as an intern is an opportunity to learn. So whether I’m going through past Work & Wealth articles or researching new ones (or anything in between), I pay extra attention to all the information I’m being exposed to. It’s made me put more thought into creating a budget for my spending, saving for retirement and negotiating my salary. On top of enhancing my journalism skills, this internship has me poised for a better financial future and I can put money on that.

Kenya Bryant, Integrated Marketing Intern

In all my internships, I’ve always stood out. Why? Being a Black woman isn’t something I can take off and put in my back pocket whenever it becomes inconvenient. I went from being the only one to one of many at ESSENCE. Don’t get me wrong standing out is never bad. It gets you noticed. I’m grateful for every internship opportunity I’ve had, but ESSENCE has by far been the most supportive environment. ESSENCE lives up to the phrase ‘For us, by us.’ From the magazine to the ESSENCE Music Festival, they keep the spirit of Black people alive.

Dominique Mohansingh, Advertising Sales Intern

It has been the best feeling to show up to work every day and be surrounded by powerful Black women. For eight weeks, I experienced what it was like to work closely with the Advertising Sales reps, the women responsible for bringing the revenue into this brand. Day in and day out, I witnessed these ladies book clients, bring in new business, and go on sales calls, all while looking fierce. From their shoes to their revenue reports, everything about this team conveyed that they are always about their business.

Glynn Pogue, Integrated Marketing Intern

I can still vividly remember the summer of 2001 when I spent my time accompanying my mother to ESSENCE—the way I felt when the doors slid open to reveal the glossy office. It was like a dream.I became somewhat of a fixture, soaking up the business firsthand, quietly observing my mother, former editor-in-chief, Monique Greenwood. ESSENCE became home. Now, that I’ve returned as an intern in 2011, it feels so right. I am sitting in my own cubicle at ESSENCE, bringing to close my most fulfilling internship experience.It has all come full circle and it doesn’t feel any less like home.

Damon Turner, Fashion intern

Interning at ESSENCE has been an amazing experience and I am grateful for the opportunity. Working in the fashion industry is not always glamorous.It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to create those beautiful pictures. I am really excited that Constance C.R. White, is the new Editor-in-Chief at ESSENCE. With Constance’s extensive fashion background and respected reputation, ESSENCE will continue to bring chic international fashion to its readers. I plan to take my experience at ESSENCE and cultivate it into the career I always dreamed.

Noelle Jones, Research and Copy Intern

Fact-checking is an art form. Dissolving fiction in search of the facts makes you hungry for knowledge. I must confess I’ve got the bug of curiosity after spending weeks being trained by the best in journalism. I found myself doing things like looking up the various meanings of the word ‘vignette’ or stalking designers’ websites in search of a product featured on one of the fashion pages. I’ve let my creativity pour into ESSENCE, brainstorming cover lines and pitching stories—there are no boundaries here for the creative mind, aspiring journalist, or knowledge seeker. There’s just a whole lot of room to learn. After interning in the Copy and Research department, it has been confirmed—I’ve found my niche.

Danielle Hester, Health and Relationships Intern

At 25, I’m still learning how to live my best life—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. So often Black women are told our lives will be unfulfilling because we suffer disproportionately in our physical health and in the health of our relationships. Interning in ESSENCE’s Healthy Living department has allowed me to write content that combats these negative stigmas. My editors are dedicated to empowering and uplifting Black women. I’ve learned being healthy is not only what you eat, it’s also about your mental, spiritual and social well-being. ESSENCE has taught me the greatest investment in life is to invest in oneself.

Stephanie Taylor, Culture/Books Intern

Writing and music constantly battle with one another as my true passions, which is why I was ecstatic to be ESSENCE’s Books and Culture intern. I worked with Entertainment Director, Cori Murray and Senior Editor Patrik H. Bass. I am engrossed in pop culture on a daily basis and I love it.In the office, you’ll find me screening documentaries, listening to album releases or reading manuscripts. I have spent my summer going to photo shoots, press events and record labels meeting new music artists, actors and authors. ESSENCE has a powerful voice in African American culture and I’m glad to have been a part of it.

LaParis Hawkins, Beauty Intern

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then ESSENCE beauty editors Corynne Corbett, Tasha Turner, and Marcia Caster are the fairy godmothers who guide the direction of beauty for Black women. Throughout my internship, I’ve learned the true diversity of the ESSENCE reader, from her many different shades to her extraordinary hair. Makeup brands are steadily recognizing our differences and starting to offer a variety of hues. Interning here has been an experience that I will never forget. It has definitely motivated me to want to be a part of that change in the beauty industry that continues to cater to Black women.

Keith Woods, Art & Photography Intern

As the Art and Photo intern I was granted unlimited behind-the-scenes access to some of the hottest photo shoots for ESSENCE magazine. Providing a helping hand to veteran wardrobe stylists and hair-stylists such as Chuck Amos and Freddie Lieba became the best part of the day. When I wasn’t on-location shadowing the photo editors, I was learning from some of the most experienced creative minds in the industry. The excellent team of graphic artists provided a comfortable, yet fast-paced learning experience that challenged me to grow in all areas. In total, I produced over 18 published layouts and photo credits throughout my internship.