5 Reasons Meagan Good Is a Boss in ‘Minority Report’

There’s more to Meagan Good than romantic comedies.

The actress, whose credits include Think Like a Man movies and Jumping the Broom, also has a knack for action and science fiction as she proves in the new Fox series Minority Report, which debuts September 21.

Inspired by the 2002 Tom Cruise flick of the same name, the futuristic drama is set in 2065 and follows Dash (Stark Sands), a precognitive who tries to lead a normal life as an adult after the pre-crime unit he and his siblings were a part of is disbanded. Good plays Lara Vega, a Washington D.C. detective who grows tired of trying to solve crimes using technology alone and longs for the days when crimes could be stopped in advance.

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The show heats up when Lara and Dash team up and race against time to prevent an especially bloody assassination attempt. But Good, 34, isn’t the only good thing about Minority Report. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, who directed the movie, the suspenseful series is diverse, comedic, and full of cool gadgets. Here are five reasons you have to tune in:

Meet Meagan Good, the Action Star
Fans got a taste of Good’s bad-assness in the short-lived NBC series Deception. But unlike on that show, Minority Report allows Good to really embrace her tough side, wrestle perps and tap into technology. Her feminine side is also played up as she raises her impeccably manicured brows during times of incredulity and struts around in fashionable, body flattering outfits. Olivia Pope meets Olivia Dunham from Fringe, Lara is smart, funny, strong and caring and has noticeable chemistry with Dash and her coworker Det. Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama). This series truly plays up Good’s likeability and is a tailor-made fit for her.

Inspect These Gadgets
Leave it to Spielberg to incorporate captivating gadgets we wish we had. Although the flying cars from the movie are a no show, there are other things to covet like burger-flipping robots, the contacts Lara wears to help her interpret crime scenes and the winged metal balls that help her track down criminals.

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The Future of Diversity
This incarnation of Minority Report actually has an impressive number of minority actors. In addition to Good and Valderrama, the stellar cast includes Li Jun Li, who costars as Lara’s computer-savvy coworker and friend Akeela, and Tina Lifford as Lara’s mom Lily.

Comedic elements
Lara and Dash try to track down some rather murderous dudes but not without the occasional quip or comically awkward moment. A nod to The Simpsons entering its 75th season is also pretty funny.

Fashionable Tomorrows
Fans will love Lara’s signature leather red jacket. It’s fashionable, sexy and functional and like its owner, makes sense in that world. We can’t wait to see what else Lara will wear as she and Dash take down the bad guys.

Minority Report premieres Monday Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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