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Walk the Walk: Mary Mary's Advice on Giving

Mary Mary says life is about making an impact. It's time to give a little.
Love somebody, touch somebody, help somebody along the way.

Life is about making an impact, living on purpose, and letting God shine. Even when we didn’t have enough ourselves, my mom always went out of her way to help other people. That was her way of letting God shine. 

I’ll admit I didn’t like her generosity much growing up, because sometimes there wasn’t enough to go around for the eight siblings, cousins and others in our own house. When you’re young, sharing isn’t always your number one priority! But now that I’m an adult I’m proud of my mom, and of how she’s always made an impact on those around her by giving. She’s built a beautiful legacy and it’s one I hope to share.

Funny thing about helping others, though – you’re just as blessed as they are by the giving. A few years ago Tina and I went to an elementary school in Las Vegas and gave away coats. As we looked at all those adorable faces I thought of Jesus saying, “If, you’ve done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it unto me.” It was just the greatest feeling to share some what we have with them. Another time we visited a women’s shelter where the “gift” was just time, and a listening ear. We didn’t sing, we didn’t even talk — at least not that much! What we did was listen to the women’s stories. No one there was saying, “Feed me or pay my rent or buy me a car.”

What they were crying out for was for someone to hold their hand, understand their heart, and let them know they were not alone. So if you think you can’t give until you have something, or something more, you couldn’t be more wrong. You have a heart to care. You have ears to hear. You have hands to reach out and touch.

I heard a story once about an old man whose wife died. A little neighbor boy wanted to do something, so he asked his mother if they could go to the old man’s house. The mom took her son to the neighbor’s house, and when they went inside the boy climbed up on the old man’s lap and said, “I came to help you cry.” Together, that’s what they did. The boy knew that having someone to hold always helped when he needed to cry. So that’s the kind of help he gave.  

When my husband, Warryn was in the hospital having surgery for kidney cancer, his mom brought a blank book to his room and encouraged everyone who visited to “write what you feel” in its pages. I don’t think we have ever made it through that book yet without crying. The presence of friends and their words of love and encouragement were just the kind of help he needed in a difficult time.

It’s good to give money to a cause, or help build a house, or take a mission trip to a third world country. But you don’t have to do any of that to help somebody. Remember, people don’t care how much you know, they just want to know how much you care. And you’re never too young or too poor to show that you care.

This world has plenty of takers, and not enough givers. When God blesses you with more than you need, be a giver. It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35)

Live Big, Love Big, Give Big,… Do Something BIG!!!!

Erica Campbell of Mary Mary