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Exclusive: How Mary J. Blige Knew It Was Time To End Her Marriage

"When it’s unhealthy, it’s unhealthy and when you’re dying and when it gets to the point where you’re going to die or someone is going to die, it’s time to go."

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If you ask May J. Blige the 411 on her life these days, she’ll be honest about it having it’s ups and downs. 

The R&B soul singer sits down this week on ESSENCE’s ‘Yes, Girl’ podcast and keeps it all the way real about life in the midst of the storm. 

Following the shocking news of divorce from her husband of 12 years, Kendu Isaacs, and the devastating battle she’s enduring to end their union, the ESSENCE Fest 2017 headliner reveals that it’s the power of prayer that keeps her going. 

“I’m not going to let my circumstances take my smile off my face,” she revealed. “I’m living. I’m getting through it, you know it is what it is and we have not come to the end of it yet so it’s still a lot but I’m not going to let it wipe my smile off, you know, I’m going to keep praying. I’m going to keep asking for strength to get through it. I’m alright. I’m not doing too bad.”

Blige filed for divorce in July of 2016 and in the nearly 12 months, since filing, she and her former manager are in the midst of a bitter divorce battle.

The thing she says that helps her get through it all, is her fans. 

“Y’all don’t even know how much I need you,” she said. “Seriously, I really need you. More than you even think, so thankful, that makes me feel good. I’m going to pour my guts so we can heal.”

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