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Mary J. Blige Admits Her 'Strength Is Being Tested' Amid Her Divorce

The Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul syas she's relying heavily on her faith during these troubling times.
Mary J. Blige Admits Her ‘Strength Is Being Tested’ Amid Her Divorce
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Queen of hip-hop soul Mary J. Blige has already conquered the charts. Now she’s taking on a dope her new venture–her very own talk show–and on it, she’s keeping it real about the drama in her life and America.

In the first episode of her new show, The 411 with Mary J. Blige, which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, Blige sits down with presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for a major heart-to-heart about the issues facing Black Americans today. While tackling the pressing concerns surrounding the election, the singer admitted that her divorce is unsettling her soul but she is trying her best to weather the storm.

“My strength is being tested during this horrible divorce,” she says to the presidential hopeful in her first public acknowledgment of her marriage ending.

Blige filed for divorce from her husband/manager Kendu Isaacs much to the public’s shock in July. 

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The couple tied the knot in December 2003 and throughout her marriage, Mary was vocal about how her faith brought her the man of her dreams. 

Now, the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul is once again leaning on the word to get her through these times. Keep standing strong Mary!