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Mary J. Blige Dishes On Her New Album And Landing A Collaboration With Kanye

The singer is poised to make her return after tumultuous year dealing with her divorce and the drama that followed.

If you’ve missed Mary J. Blige, then prepare yourself because the queen is set to return!

Blige’s new album, Strength Of A Woman, is scheduled to drop in April and features some pretty stellar collaborations, one of which is with Kanye West.

Speaking to Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez, Blige told the radio host, “I’m a fan of Kanye I’ve always love Kanye and wanted to work with Kanye. So, I reached out to his manager and got a number on him and began to text him about how I really wanted him and I knew him, we speak you know we see each other but it’s never like ‘hey Kanye would you do a record with me?’ but I knew I needed him on ‘Love Yourself.’ So, texting him back and forth to the point where he was like ‘you know, why don’t you come over and we sit and talk and you know tell me what you want’ and the rest is history you know, he’s Kanye. He’s creative.”

Blige adds that it was her first time working with the rapper and producer.

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The iconic singer also dished on her love for Migos, Quavo appears on the album, and the group’s “Bad and Boujee,” saying, “I love the Migos. Yo, that song was driving us crazy for my birthday, “‘Rain drop, drop top.'”

Speaking a little more about the album, Blige added, “The music is good it’s a lot of—’Love Yourself’ is like hardcore hip hop soul. It’s me, like, actually singing, talking to myself when I was in it like, ‘don’t give up. Love yourself.’ You know, when you hear the words you’ll hear you know.”

Bliges’ Strength Of A Woman is set to drop April 28.