Mary J. Blige’s On People Imitating Her Iconic Dance Moves And Her Breakout Role In ‘Mudbound’
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Mary J. Blige’s dance moves are iconic and have been copied by many, but the singer says some of the imitations aren’t quite up to snuff. 

Sitting down with Angie Martinez, the singer revealed that’s she’s seen videos of fans imitating her moves, but told the Power 105.1 host, “Everybody don’t do it right.”

“My s–t is swag my s–t is smooth. You know,” the singer said during her appearance on The Angie Martinez Show, “They be thinking they doing it, but I don’t dance like that, my s–t is swagged.”

Martinez went on to show Blige a few videos of fans copying her moves and the singer seemed a bit impressed –maybe there are a few people who have enough swag to do a few Blige moves. 

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Blige also dished on her new breakout role in the upcoming film, Mudbound.

“They went to Sundance in January and it was the #1 show filmed at Sundance and out of  thirteen of the breakout stars, I was one of them,” she said, “It’s such a heavy movie. It’s based in the 40s. It’s about black and white people learning to love each other in hard times and realizing that we really need each other.”

The singer added that despite the time period, the film very much reflects what’s going on today. She also went on to divulge that fans will barely recognize her in the breakout role. 

“I’m weave-less, I’m nail-less. I’m lash-less. I’m makeup-less. My hair pulled back, no straightening comb, dressed in…I look like I’m dressed like a maid in the field, swaying, breaking chicken necks.”

Sounds like this is going to be one film we can’t miss.

With an upcoming film and new album on the way, seems like 2017 is going to be the year of Mary J. Blige. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.