Here's The One Song Mary J. Blige Is Listening To All Summer

The queen of hip-hop soul shared with ESSENCE which young artists she's loving right now. 

To get a co-sign from Mary J. Blige essentially means you’re good to go in the music industry. So Daniel Caesar has a lot to be excited about.

The 22-year-old from Toronto released his single “Get You” in October 2016 and shot up the ranks of streams with 16 million on Spotify and 4.2 million views on YouTube. The smooth, soulful song is quintessential alternative R&B, bending the genre in appreciation of blues and jazz.

When asked about who Blige is loving for the summer, she said Caesar’s hit song is definitely on her playlist. 

“I’m not even listening to A Strength of A Woman the way everybody else is listening to it,” Blige admitted on ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast. “I did it. She’s my baby. She’s out there. That’s where she stays for now.”

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“I have Anderson .Paak on [the playlist]. I have Daniel Caesar. The ‘who’d a thought, I’d get you’ record. Crazy, crazy.”

In addition to loving the R&B crooner, Blige is also a fan on women artists like Jazmine Sullivan and The Jones Sisters Trio, many of whom will be performing during her curated ESSENCE Fest 2017 concert. 

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[BLANK_AUDIO] Your album Strength of a Woman which is amazing is out now. What was the recording process like this time around, and which song are you looking forward to performing at the festival? Well, the requirement process was actually really, started off really, really positive. Not that this is negative or anything like that but it's Started off for me fighting for my life, fighting for my marriage, fighting to, you know, still exist period in the music business. And then it turned into, you know, me fighting for my life, period. So it all, as bad as the situation is, it all turned out to be positive, because I got a chance to Take everything, include some of the amazing norm of lifting songs like a destructable and hello father and thinks like that l got chance to keep those because l don't want people to say you know in the [UNKNOWN] My touse I'm just going to die in it. No, there's light at the end of the tunnel for me. You know, this is a heavy thing but I'm not going to let it kill me. You know that's called being a strong woman to me. Like, being able to survive something like the last five years of my life that has been, you know, all over the press and go to work still. You know, not so happy, but you didn't give up on yourself. You keep working out. You keep yourself together. And you keep nurturing, you keep loving, and you keep loving your family. You just don't give up on yourself. So the process was great for me because it just took me through a lot of different changes. And it showed me who I truly Just who I am. One of my favorite songs in the album is Set Me Free. Yeah. I love it. We play it in the office. I was like, my God, Mary, you are going in. Will you ever hesitate to share so much on this album? No, because what I do I share what people know already. I used to divorce. You know. So, I'm not going in. Okay, really? The world knows that you are asking for this. Okay, they know I feel like this though. Why not? All of my life, I was going through a lot of stuff. A lot of people saw mea, I mean, thank God social media wasn't what it was, but people saw how I was. People saw me, they saw when I was young. So, I was just elaborating. And I'm not afraid, because at the end of the day, I'm a human being first. And I've been speaking to my fans like this candidly for about 13 years now. [BLANK_AUDIO]