10 Times Mary J. Blige Slayed (and Danced) in a Killer Pair of Boots

Everyone has a super power and for Mary J. Blige that power, among many other things is the ability to completely slay a pair of boots. When you pair that skill with her signature dance moves, magic is made. We're taking a look at all of the times Mary J. Blige's boots were made for dancing.

Dominique Hobdy Oct, 07, 2016

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Mary steps in this dancery rocking a fly pair of knee-highs with super short shorts.

2 of 10 Taylor Hill

Yes to this peep toe moment!

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4 of 10 Neilson Barnard

Mary didn't come to play with ya'll. Do you see these soft leather thigh-highs?

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Break it down for them, Mary.

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That moment when you catch the spirit and remember how fly your shoe game is at the same time.

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These boots are made for dancing.

8 of 10 Earl Gibson/BET

These thigh highs are on another level.

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When the music gets really good Mary gives a little kick. Major props to these boots for assisting her with that signature move.

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We see you, Mary! Keep dancing and slaying!