Mary J. Blige has endured a lot of heartache over the years, but her divorce from Martin “Kendu” Isaacs has become one of the messiest situations.

In July, The Daily Mail found a long list of requests Isaacs made in response to the divorce filed. 

Despite the pre-nuptial agreement the two reportedly had in place, Isaacs requested $129,000 a month in spousal support, $8,000 for private chef, $3,200 for his personal trainer, $71,000 for his rental properties, $21,677 for him to make charitable donations, and even $5,000 to pay child support for his two kids from previous relationships. 

Now, in new documents filed by Blige, she’s alleging that during their marriage, her estranged husband used their money to go on vacations— with another woman.

As reported by TMZ she alleges Martin took more than $420,000 as “travel charges,” but those expenses were not business-related and did NOT include her. She says Martin spent that dough on his girlfriend. 

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She also claims to be $10 million in debt, to which Martin hasn’t contributed a dime. 

On the upside, she is standing strong, refusing to pay most of the ridiculous requests he made.

“I am not responsible for supporting [Martin’s] parents and his children from another relationship which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses,” she says in the docs.