Marjorie Harvey's Absolute Best Looks of 2016

We all know that Marjorie Harvey consistently delivers when it comes to style, but we think it's safe to say she's taken things to another level this year. From ultra glam to smart and sophisticated looks, we're taking a look at her absolute best outfits of 2016. Let us know what your favorite is!



Dominique Hobdy Dec, 02, 2016

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Who can argue with a fiery red dress complete with feathers? No one.

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Mrs. Harvey takes the pantsuit to another level with this gorgeous printed look topped off with a fabulous hat.

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There's no way this outfit can go unmentioned being that 2016 was the year of lemonade.

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We'd be willing to argue that this is one of the best monochrome looks ever assembled.

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Pulling off florals and fur with an athletic flair is a feat indeed. Marjorie does it with no effort and it makes the fact that she just happens to be in Gucci form head to toe a minor detail.

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A true testament to timeless sillouettes, textues and overall style.

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Sometimes all it takes is one statement piece to turn an outfit into a moment. This stunning cape definitely does the trick.

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This outfit is a winner because instead of giving a costumey feel, it tells a story, a fabulous one at that.

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This wins simply because Marjorie proves that a little fur can elevate any look.

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Marjorie proves that jeans don't have to be boring at all with this fun look.

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Because this red dress is everything.

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This ultra fab outfit proves that you can go for a cool, athletic look that still manages to be ultra glam.