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Mario Mourns His Mother's Death in Touching Instagram Post

The singer revealed that his mother passed away on Friday


Mario is mourning the loss of his beloved mother.

In a touching Instagram post, the singer shared that Shawntia Hardaway had passed away. “Your soul lives forever beside mine,” he captioned the photo. “We love you Shawntia Hardaway, I love you eternally.”

Your soul lives forever beside mine! We love you Shawntia Hardaway I love you eternally.

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The 30-year-old’s tumultuous relationship with his mother has never been a secret as Hardaway struggled with heroin addiction since he was a child. Their relationship was shared with the world in I Won’t Love You To Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom for MTV.

“At the time that I did that, I had just moved from Jersey back to Baltimore and I was staying with my mom to help her out,” he told CocoFab about the show. 

“There were some discussions about how personal or how raw it would be, and at the time I didn’t know much about reality shows, so I just thought ‘real is real’ and ‘let’s just keep it 100.’ We decided to do it and they wanted to turn it into a longer reality show but I was fine with the one time thing and I wanted it to help my fans and inspire people around the world who were struggling with addiction. I wanted to show young adults that they could overcome.”

In the following years after the reality show, there was a dropped assault charge and reconciliation. In 2013 Mario spoke to ESSENCE about his work with DrugFree.org. 

“I forgive her. I can’t say there aren’t times where I think about the past and what we’ve been through, the neglect and the times that she wasn’t there, but anybody who knows about growth understands that you have to look towards the future.”

No word on the cause of Hardaway’s death, but we can only hope her relationship with her son was in a good place. 

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