Mariah Carey ‘Doesn’t Want to Sit at Home and Dwell’ on Her Broken Engagement: ‘She Is Very Hurt,’ Says Source
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Stepping out for dinners with her close pals, Mariah Carey has certainly been putting on a brave face after her split from billionaire James Packer. But privately, the star is reeling from her broken engagement.
“First the split didn’t seem to faze Mariah. It was like she expected things to be fine soon,” says a source close to the diva.
The singer, 46, “doesn’t want to sit at home and dwell on it,” adds the source. “She is very hurt that he dumped her. She knows she will never be able to find someone like him.”

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After news of their breakup was revealed last week, another Carey insider said the star was forced to leave Packer because he was “not mentally healthy.” However, multiple sources close to both Packer and Carey insist it was he who called it quits on the relationship.
According to a Packer pal, the Aussie businessman, 49, “was very serious about their relationship and proposed because he was truly in love with her.”
After their split turned into a nasty battle of he-said, she-said last week, however, “he hasn’t spoken to Mariah and is focusing on work instead,” adds the pal. “It’s very hurtful to him.”