No, Lupita Nyong’o And Michael B. Jordan Weren’t Actually Flirting Despite Wishful Thinking From Fans
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Move over T’Challa! Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o might be moving co-star Michael B. Jordan in as her love interest. Or so the internet thought after some playful banter raised a few eyebrows.

Recently, the pair exchanged a few interesting tweets that got social media talking and wondering if Jordan and Nyong’o are a thing.

It all started when Jordan sent a suggestive tweet to his costar. “Bring them chocolate cakes back,” he wrote. “You ready for round 2?”

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Soon after, the Oscar winner sent an equally spicy reply. “No dessert until you come correct,” she wrote, followed by the hashtag #YouKnowYouWantThis.

#LupitaNyongo hit #MichaelBJordan back with a response 😩 (view previous post)

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Both tweets have since been deleted, but not before they triggered speculation that the pair was talking about much more than an after dinner treat.       Even Auntie Cher got in on the action. Unfortunately, the whole thing seems like a joke. Apparently, Jordan was taping an upcoming season of MTV’s “SafeWord” and somebody got ahold of his phone and sent the tweet. He took to the social network to clear things up.

“Aight y’all know wassup,” he tweeted. “Playing #safeword with [Sterling Brim] who doesn’t care about life and took the L.”


While Jordan may have set things straight, our eyes are still open for any possibility that these two gorgeous co-stars take their online playfulness to a real-life thing.