Lori Harvey Says Media Rumors Are ‘Definitely Frustrating’
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Lori Harvey has opened up in a rare interview about her life in the spotlight.

Harvey, an ambassador for fast fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing, spoke Nat O’Leary, host of the brand’s podcast PLT: Behind Closed Doors, about what it’s like living with tons of media attention.

“It’s definitely frustrating,” Harvey said. “I think I’ve developed tough skin through it all. If someone wants to think the worst of you, they’re going to think the worst of you no matter what you say. You can’t defend a lie. I think it’s a lot of things that are false about me in the media because clickbait is very real. I think that’s one thing the public doesn’t understand. I don’t think there’s an article you can find about me that doesn’t have “allegedly” or “rumored” in it. Because there’s no confirmation and they don’t care to fact check.”

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She added, “So that’s the frustrating part because you’re like actually dealing with someone’s real life. But they don’t care they just want the clicks and people will kind of believe anything. But my family knows what’s going on. My friends know what’s going on.”

During the interview, Harvey also opened up about spending her birthday in Jamaica, photos of which went viral in January.

“That was actually my first time in Jamaica and I had the time of my life. I have a newfound love for Jamaica now. We had too much fun. I think the last day, which was actually my birthday, I said, ‘I want to have so much fun that I don’t know if you guys are having fun.’ That’s how much fun I want to have. And I overachieved that goal. Everybody was throwing up at the end of the night. Everybody was dead the next morning. Everybody trying to get on the plane was like, ‘Did you throw up? Yeah, did you throw up? Yeah.’ I have the best friends ever because they all cleared their schedules to come. I didn’t expect everyone to make it but they all made it.”


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