Live the Life You’ve Imagined in 2014: Part 3
Keith Major

My stomach knots and my shoulders tense whenever I’m asked, “When is your next book coming out?” I usually mumble and stutter in search of a convincing answer. The truth is I don’t know. For a while I hid behind responses such as, “Once I’ve completed grad school!” But I finished my M.Ed. four years ago—still no book!

Recently, I had a “come to Jesus” moment and asked myself the obvious, “Why aren’t you writing your book?” While I could think of many reasons, it became crystal clear that all of them were a cover-up for the truth—
I felt inadequate for the task.

While sharing the principles I’ve gleaned from the story of David & Goliath, I’ve had to apply them to my own fears in order to move past my self-imposed writer’s block.

Whether viewed as a historical or allegorical truth, the principles in this tale are time-tested and proven. The lives we’ve imagined are within our reach—right on the other side of our fears. We can attain them when we:

1. Accept Our Faith As Evidence: Fear is sometimes known as false evidence appearing real. Evidence is used to support and prove our choices and actions. Every one who dares to go for their heart’s dream will at some point question themselves. When facing adversity, we all want proof that we will outlive our struggles—the only evidence that truly matters is our faith in possibility.

2. Suit Up For Battle: In verse 38, David the shepherd rejects the wardrobe of a king. Despite how much of an honor it seemed, David understood that the only way he could win was by being himself. Too often we dim our lights, or pollute our gifts, by seeking to be who we think others want—or need—us to be. When we fail to show up in our authenticity, we are only performing for a crowd rather than living on purpose.

3. Have A Mindset To Win: In verse 40, David approaches a Shaq-sized problem with a slingshot and five stones. In taking multiple stones, he indicates an understanding that it may take more than one attempt to overcome his foe. He was convinced of his eventual victory, but did not know which stone would bring the expected win. Many of us come unprepared to the battle and give up too soon. It’s naïve to think that hard work and perseverance will not be required in the pursuit of success. You may know how far you’ve come but you don’t know how close you are. Never quit!

4. Submit To Failure As Our Teacher: Many times, we set ourselves up for undue disappointment because we misunderstand the role failure can play in our lives. It is a great teacher and if we learn to see our missteps and setbacks as feedback, we will only improve in our approach. Failure doesn’t mean it is over, it simply means reassess, make an adjustment and do something differently next time. There’s no Plan B—we rework, revise, revamp and relaunch Plan A until we win!

I encourage you to read the full story in 1 Samuel chapter 17 and APPLY the strategies from this three-part series. Identify your Goliath and strategize using the principles and thinking David employed. The right coach can be the catalyst you need. Visit to schedule a free 20-minute coaching session. I’m here to serve you.

Affirm out loud, “My faith is my evidence that everything I am believing for is possible.”

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