Live the Life You’ve Imagined in 2014: Part 2
Keith Major

We were only in the first hour of a seven-hour road trip heading home. Things were going smoothly until an ominous engine light came on. Almost 400 miles from home, the car was overheating! It was almost midnight, the temperature was now near freezing and the car’s heat stopped working. We were in the middle of nowhere with my baby niece in the car. It was clear—we were in trouble!  

As 2013 closes, some of us are in a place that feels and looks a lot like where I found myself this past Christmas Eve. We know where we want to go, but somewhere along the journey things broke down. It may appear hopeless, but…you can get it done!

It took us over 18 hours to make a seven-hour ride. Our trip would go on to include a complete break down on the Turnpike, two tow trucks and an overpriced rental car—but we made it!

Last week, we covered the three things we need to know to begin living the lives we’ve imagined—our mission, our obstacles and ourselves! Today, we are going to delve into three more success strategies present in the biblical story of David & Goliath. 

After David becomes clear on his mission, obstacles and identity, he encounters something that everyone who is serious about their dreams will face—the critics! In 1Samuel 17:28-30, we learn the following from David’s response:

1. The Right People Believe in Us: As we strive to put flesh and feet to our dreams, it will require that we connect with the right people. How do we determine who the right people are? The answer is simple—they are the people who believe in us. They may not have the money or network that we automatically think can help us, but their loyalty and belief are of far more valuable in vision birthing. You will need your team to get ready for Goliath! 

2. We Must Ask the Right Questions: Feedback is pivotal for continuous improvement. If we are serious about achieving our dreams and goals, we must be committed to the process of growth and development. One of the ways to get better at what we do and improve our chances of hitting the mark is to ask questions of those around us. Even when they aren’t our fans, if we possess self-confidence, we can be strong enough to gather the information that helps us succeed, while keeping our identity and esteem in tact.

3. We Can’t Give Critics Too Much Credit: Up until that point, facing Goliath was perhaps the single most pivotal event in David’s life. As he weighs this critical moment, he is attacked and undermined by his brother. Rather than allowing his brother’s misguided animosity to distract him, David remained focused on his vision and moved forward with his plans. Don’t waste your time trying to convince others to approve of and accept you. Ultimately people form their own conclusions and will view you through the lens of their own experience. Be yourself and live with integrity.

Once clear on the main goal you want to achieve for 2014, select 4-5 people to serve as an advisory board. Their role will be to help you have more clarity and hold you accountable. The right coach can be the catalyst you need for your desired change. Visit to schedule a free 20-minute coaching session. I’m here to serve you.

Affirm, “Every day my heart and mind are open to receive the wisdom I need to succeed.”

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