Live the Life You’ve Imagined in 2014: Part 1
Keith Major

Fear cripples us all. Amy was a powerful six-figure executive at a leading financial company—but she was afraid! She hired me because she felt trapped in a career that she no longer enjoyed. She knew she wanted change, but didn’t know how to achieve it—especially without compromising the economic integrity of her family. Working together, she was able to get EVERYTHING she envisioned.

I share Amy’s story because as we approach the New Year, many feel safe in hoping for a change. But as a coach, I know all too well that by the end of January…too many will be back to their same habits. And it’s not because what we want is impossible…it’s because we don’t have a strategy!

As we head into 2014, your dream needs you to answer the following:

  • What three big goals have you always wanted to achieve?
  • What are the biggest challenges (Goliaths) holding you back?
  • Which goal would you like to achieve in the next 6-12 months?
  • What would life look and feel like if it happened?

The classic Bible story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17: 20-51) is replete with principles and strategies to help us slay our individual giants! If the Bible is not the text of your faith, I invite you to simply enjoy the story as a principle-filled allegorical tale, similar to those used in respected business books. If the story of two mice looking for cheese in a maze can transform, so can this!

David does three key things before he engages Goliath (verses 25, 26). Paraphrasing, he first asks, “What do I get?” He then asks, “Who is my enemy?” and he grounds his perspective by stating, “This is who I am!” From this we can glean that before we can achieve our goal, we must:

1. Know Our Greater Mission: One of the primary reasons we don’t reach our goals is because we don’t know “the greater why” behind “the what” we want to achieve. The most successful people win because they have a mission beyond satisfying their personal needs. David is introduced to Goliath while he is serving—bringing food to the soldiers. While there, he is outraged by Goliath’s disrespect. Moved by love for his God and people, he finds the motivation—and courage—to face his foe. Our success is connected to helping others win in life!

2. Know Our Obstacles: David did his homework before he engaged Goliath. Sometimes we act out of uneducated inspiration, so we don’t know what it will take to reach our goals. We stack the odds in our favor when we understand the potential challenges and obstacles ahead of time. Our research helps us to determine the best strategy and plan of attack using the network of resources that we already have.

3. Know Ourselves: David didn’t define himself in the light of his problems, he defined his problems in the light of his faith. The biggest obstacle we will ever face when going for anything we want is “self.” We can’t afford to be ignorant about ourselves. We must know our motivators, our strengths and our weaknesses.  If we actively self-manage, we’ve accomplished the hardest part of any endeavor. Don’t let lack of self-reflection cause you to miss what 2014 has in store.

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