Lil Nas X Responds To Pastor Troy’s Homophobic Rant: ‘I Look Good’
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Lil Nas X is more worried about his drip than your opinions.

When a screenshot of Pastor Troy criticizing his Versace fluorescent pink outfit that he wore to the Grammy Awards reached the “Old Town Road” rapper he had just a few words.

“Damn I look good in that pic on god,” X wrote on Twitter

Pastor Troy shared his thoughts on the unlikely country star in a now-deleted post on Instagram, featuring an image of new Grammy Award winner. “Welp, Guess I won’t be winning a GRAMMY…If this what I gotta wear,” he ranted in the post’s caption. “They love to push this shit on our kids!!”

Troy continued his unrequested commentary by adding that his son was visibly upset when he witnessed a commercial that featured a same sex couple.

“The other day @applebees had some punks kissing and laughing eating mozzarella sticks First Thing My 14 yr old Son said was, ‘F-ck Applebee’s’ And It Brought Joy to My Heart!!” he actually wrote. 

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“He sees it,” Troy continued. “Their agenda to take the masculinity from Men, Black Men Especially. Some may say, ‘He Making Money!!’ Rupaul do too, but I ain’t bumping his CD!!! Integrity is Priceless.”

The rapper concluded his post with a series of hashtags, including instructions to his audience to #taketheroadlesstraveled. 



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