Lil’ Mo Defends Fabolous After Domestic Violence Accusation: ‘My Only Loyalty Is To Him’
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

R&B singer Lil Mo takes her loyalty to her friends seriously, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about.

During a recent interview with Revolt, the singer was asked what she thought about the assault charges her friend and frequent collaborator, Fabolous, is facing after allegedly attacking his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children, Emily B.

While Mo said she wasn’t caught up on all of the gossip, she did seem to be pretty up to date on the situation.

To recap, Emily B accused Fabolous of striking her multiple times early last month, knocking out two of her teeth. Last weekend, TMZ obtained video of a heated exchange between the rapper, Emily, and her father. During the argument, Fab was seen holding a knife while threatening both Emily and her father.

Despite the troubling video, Lil Mo said she’s standing by her friend.

“I’m not letting him go out like that,” she vowed. “I’ll Olivia Pope this situation before I let somebody take my brother down. Something don’t seem right.”

To be clear, Fabolous’ “situation” includes aggravated assault and making terroristic threats charges. He is due in court later this month, and if convicted, could face 3-5 years in prison.

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In spite of her pro-woman anthems like “Superwoman” (a hit that ironically featured Fab), Mo said she doesn’t believe the story about Fabolous in the media. 

“Something’s not adding up. I put myself in the situation. If I’m somewhere and my husband is beating me up and my dad and my husband are there, that’s not my dad and my brother no more,” she said, questioning why people stay in abusive relationships.

Mo went on to add, Fabolous “didn’t work 20 years plus to go out like this.”

After her interview hit the air, Lil Mo heard from fans who questioned her stance.

And the singer refused to back down.

“I said what i said,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m not FOR anything. and I’m NOT against anyone…. I won’t tear down anyone’s wall I help build or put their integrity and character in question! more prayer, less posting!”